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Friday, August 13, 2010

Chess is above all, a fight

As Emanuel Lasker said. He said that too :
Chess is a conflict, not between 2 intelligences, but between 2 wills.

() vs. ()

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  1. About a matter of will :
    - in the previous New in Chess there is an article about Bent Larsen and the title is : the will to win!
    - Romain Edouard is a very good example. In the next day he lost an exchange against Hamdouchi but smashed him in the zeitnot.
    - The tenacity of Nakamura defending his losing rook ending against Van Wely yesterday, and drawing it, is worthwhile too.
    - Carlsen's attitude in a lot of games may be the best modern example.
    - If you look at the past, of course Fischer and Kasparov :-)