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Thursday, August 19, 2010

French championships outcome

Exciting finish in the 2010 French championship!
In round 10 Edouard catched up Fressinet with a spectacular win against defending champion Tkachiev whereas Bacrot could only draw with black against Hamdouchi and Fressinet quickly with white against Dorfman.

Standing before last round :
1-2. Edouard, Fressinet 7,5
3. Bacrot 6,5
4. Bauer 5,5

Last round encounters :
Sokolov,A (2596) - Edouard,R (2620)
Bacrot,E (2720) - Fressinet,L (2697)
R11 Live (Friday)
(If 2 or 3 players finish equal first, there will be rapid/blitz tie-breaks on Saturday)

In the Women championship, Almira Skripchenko (2458) is champion one round before the end with 7/9.

[Update : Edouard and Fressinet both drew last round with good preparation. In the rapid tie-breaks, Fressinet won 1,5-0,5 and gets his first French champion title.
And guess what: Fressinet and Skripchenko are husband and wife!]

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