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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fargere wins Dutch Open

Very convincing performance from Francois Fargere in the Dutch Open after 7 rounds with 6,5. Round 7 he won this important game with black, with a nice use of the e4 square :-)

He faced strong GM Edwin L'Ami in round 8 and drew in 19 moves.
In round 9 he drew with black though his opponent sacrificed pawns and built a strong attack. At the end he was probably winning but strangely decided to secure a draw (whereas tables 2 and 3 quickly drew).

So he won the event with 7,5/9, 1 full point clear of the rest of the field, with 2729 performance and +29 Elo points. Congratulations !
Now Fargere only has to improve his extra-chess behavior. It would be really good for organizers and for chess in general.

Final results

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